DIY: Valentine Wreath

This sweet Valentine’s Day wreath is simple to make and discrete enough to hang on your door for a few weeks without seeming holiday-obsessed.

valentine wreaths

The older my children get, the more fascinated they become with the big blow-up decorations they see around town.  Some people have them for every holiday.  (Seriously, even a New Year’s baby!)  I won’t purchase any for our home for environmental reasons and as a matter of personal taste, but I did decide to step up our outdoor holiday decorations.  The perfect compromise is a holiday wreath.

What I love most about Valentine’s Day is not the sappy grand gestures consumer America encourages.  Everything I love about Valentine’s Day hearkens back to my childhood memories as a little girl sitting with doilies, heart stickers, constructional paper, and pink crayons making cards for all my friends and family.  This charming, homey wreath echoes those handmade memories.

Materials Needed

Styrofoam wreath form
a few pieces of felt
a glue gun

valentine wreath 012 (808x1280)


1.  Tie a knot around the wreath form, then get to work wrapping your yarn around and around.  I chose a multi-colored yarn.  There is white in it, which is good because at times my form peeked through.  The outside perimeter is larger than the inside perimeter of the wreath.  You either have to wrap around twice to fill in the holes, or have a base color that isn’t glaringly different.  If you choose red, spray paint your form before wrapping.

yarn wreath

valentine wreath 019 (1280x853)

2.  Make embellishments.  This is the fun part.  Cut heart shapes from felt and make a few felt roses. 

felt hearts


You can make small cuts around the hearts for a nice border. Manipulate the felt with your hands to make it come alive.  Don’t make these too perfect, or you will destroy the charm.  This is the part that reminds me of old fashioned valentines.


felt heart2

3.  Lay out your embellishments on your wreath and play with them until you find the perfect design to cover about 1/4 of your wreath.  Use a hot glue gun to adhere your embellishments.  Tie a pretty ribbon on top and enjoy the love.

valentine wreath 006 (1280x854)

Tips of the Trade

1.  I originally tried this with a straw wreath form, but the yarn looked way too bumpy.

2.  Save money.  Both Michaels and Joann’s accept smartphone coupons.  While you are in line, you can usually find one for 40% off the most expensive item.  If you don’t have a smartphone, print a coupon before you leave your home.

3. Make it a family project.  Kids can take turns wrapping or even cutting out hearts.  Older kids can sew the buttons on the hearts.

4.  You can also decorate your wreath with a mass of buttons.  I was originally going to add buttons with the heart and rose embellishments, but with my yarn’s coloring, I thought it might be too busy.  If your design permits it, go for it.

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