DIY: Neck Pillow and Airplane Blanket for Kids

flying neck pillow (1280x853)

Neck Pillow

One of the hardest parts of travelling with kids is getting them to sleep in an uncomfortable position.  They are used to sprawling out on their beds, so sitting upright to snooze can be a challenge.  The last time I took a cross-country flight with my kids, they both had meltdowns on the red-eye when they were overtired and unable to slumber.

This year, I anticipated the challenge and made them neck pillows to help them sleep in their seats.  It took less than an hour to make two (I am not an expert seamstress).  They chose the fabric and absolutely love them.  These would also work for a long car trip.

flying pillow 050 (1280x853)

Materials Needed

1/4 yard of fleece
pillow stuffing

1.  I used my own neck pillow for a basic shape design, but drew a pattern much smaller.  I also made a very narrow back, so their little necks weren’t pushed too far forward.  After checking the size on the paper pattern, it was a basic sewing project:

Cut two pieces out of the fabric.

Stitch them right sides together, leaving a small hole.

Turn it out.

Stuff and hand stitch the opening.

The kids loved them on the flight.  The pillows kept them from waking when their heads drooped to the sides and they finally nodded off.

I used a scrap piece of fabric to tie them to the carry-on, so they would be easily accessible when we sat down.

flying pillow (764x1280)

Airplane Blanket

This is an old project that has turned out to be a winner.  I stitched together old receiving blankets to make a larger airplane blanket for kids.  Receiving blankets are remarkably warm, yet very thin and compact so they make a perfect blanket for a plane.

diy airplane blanket (1280x853) (2)

As a sentimental mom, it’s also nice to see those sweet patterns and the memories they evoke.  We store them in our suitcases, so they are always ready for our next adventure.



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